Automotive Prep Station PC-PS400C

Item No.: PC-PS400C
1. Automotive Prep Station
2. Work area made for vehicle preparation and painting
3. Full down plenum for better air cycle
4. Fiber glass filter
5. Air capacity: 15400m3/h
Model No. PC-PS400C
External Size (mm) 7900x4000x3430
Internal Size (mm) 6900x4000x2650
Cabin System 1.air intake plenum is made of cold-rolled sheets
2.ceiling boards are made of galvanized steel sheets
3.PVC manual curtains around the sides and slipping on the aluminum alloy rails
4.50mm EPS panels at the back wall
5.basement is framed of anti-slip embossed steel plates and grid plates, 300mm height
6.ramps are anti-slip embossed steel plates, 2 partial, W600 x L2000mm
Air Intake System Model              YDW-4.5AL1
Blower capacity          12000m3/h
Pressure                822Pa
Rolling speed            900rpm
Power                4kw
Quantity                  1 set
Air Purification System It features multilayer structure which can block away granules bigger than 5μm. It is set as interior-hook block flat style at the bottom of the static pressure room. The whole purification system has capacity of large volume of dust, small air block and long durability. Its filtering rate reaches 98% 
Light System The light boxes present an angle of 45° against the wallboard. The system consists of  32pcs 16W LED lights; The illumination inside is above 800 Lux
Electric controlling system controls fan, electric damper and illumination only
Environmental Conversation System using the glass fiber wool to filter the dusts
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