PC-CSB600 Simple enclosed custom spray booth

Item No.: PC-CSB600
1. 700mm x 700mm filtration system, 4pcs in the front door
2. 4kw turbo fan for air exhaust.
3. LED lamp, 32pcs
4. Manual damper avaliable for air volume adjust
5. Option power 220V, 3P, 60Hz
Item No. PC-CSB600
-Inside dimension: 6900×3900×2650 mmL×W×H
-Outside dimension: 8856×4006×2700 mmL×W×H
-Back wall cabinet: back wall with a set of side draft cabinet
-Front door: 1set of front door, 2400x2400mm (WxH), aluminum frame, EPS material, Double skinned-0.326mm color steelglass observation window
-Wall Panels: Double skinned,50mm thickness EPS,0.326mm color steeltongue and groove
-Roof Panel: Double skinned,50mm thickness EPS,0.326mm color steeltongue and groove
-Lighting: Ceiling lights: 8units * 4pcs = 32pcs, 16W LED, light box galvanized powder painted
-Generator cabinet: Cabinet backside, intake naturally, exhaust from back upper, quadrate steel frame, color steel cover outside, galvanized steel cover inside, filled with heat preservation
-Intake and exhaust system:
1. Natural inlet from the front door, total four, aluminum frame, with frame of pre-filter media.
2. 1 inlet turbo fan, air capacity:13000 m3/h, 4kw. With manual damper-adjustable

-Exhaust duct: White iron, 4m duct, 1pcs 90° elbow and 1pcs 45° elbow
-Filter system: Pre-filter, fiberglass filter, activated carbon filter
-Control system: Button control, Spraying, lighting switch, failure indicator, emergency stop switch
-Illuminance: 800LUX
-Voltage require: 380V/220V,50HZ,3P
-Air flow speed(empty): 0.25m/s
-Total Power: 8KW


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