PC-IS200605SE Semi down draft side air exhaust industrial spray booth

Item No.: PC-IS200605SE
1. Inner size: 20m x 6m x 5m
2. Semi down draft; side air exhaust
3. Strong structure with section steel reinforced and composite beams, roof cabinet
4. Total air inlet volume 50,000m3/h
5. Total heating capacity 520,000Kcal
6. Heat recovery system

Item No. PC-IS200605SE
-External Size: 20224×6156×6900mm(L×W×H)
-Inner Size: 20000×6000×5000mm(L×W×H)
-Main door (front, middle, back):
Thru type booth ( front door, middle door and back door),each door 5 leaves,5000×4800mm(W×H)Aluminum main door, Double sided with -0.6mm colorful plate. Thickness is 75mm, width is 1150mm.Inside filed with EPS.
-Personal door: 2 sets, size: 800×2000mm(W×H.).With pressure locks and tempering glass windows.
-Body structure:
1. Booth body frames are made of galvanized steel plates bending structures with reinforce beams.
2. Wall panel are 75mm thickness, rock wool panel with double faces 0.6mm colorful plate. Socket type.
3. Roof panels are 50mm thickness, rock wool panel with double faces 0.6mm colorful plate. Socket type.
4. The body frame is made of galvanized steel plate.
-Air return style:
Equipment with air-return cabinet in the room body, ventilation from top of room.
-Roof cabinet platform:
The column is made of 100*100 steel,the top of platform made of 12#U-steel, spread out diamond plate. The cabinet is placed on the platform, with the return pipe connected with the cabinet. Platform with an inspection ladder.
-Air intake and exhaust system:
1: Air cabinet is made of shaped steel and coated steel. There is rock wool insulation in heating box panel.
2: Air inlet: 2 sets of single intake turbo fan; single model::DDF-710,power:7.5kw,capacity:25000m3/h, ABB motor.
3: Air outlet fan 2 sets of single intake turbo fan; model:DDF-710,power:7.5kw,capacity:25000m3/h, ABB motor.
-Exhaust Duct:
1: Material: Galvanized steel sheet and flange.  
2: Air intake pipes:8m straight duct+ 4elbow+2 electrical damper,2pcs rain hat.
3. Air intake pipes:8m straight duct+ 4elbow+2 electrical damper,2pcs gravity damper.
-Heat recovery system:
2 set heat recovery system,the main frame adopts aluminum alloy profile, the internal aluminum foil stamping forming heat exchanger, the heat recovery efficiency can reach 60%.
Principle: two adjacent aluminum foils to form a new air and exhaust channels. When the new / row crosses through the heat exchanger, the heat is transferred from the exhaust side to the fresh air side. There will be no mixing of the two air streams, contaminants, odor, moisture, bacteria, etc.to transmit. Heat recovery is related with thermal conductivity, the board gap, the face of wind speed, heat transfer area and temperature and so on.
-Heating system:
1. Adopt 2 set RG5S diesel burner. Heating capacity: 260,000Kcal/h.
2. Heat exchanger is made of SUS304 stainless steel argon arc weld making. With double layer heat sinks, heat faster. Equipped 2 set pneumatic damper actuator for spray phase and bake phase alternating.
-Filter System:
Primary filter, Ceiling high efficiency filter. Fiber glass filter, active carbon.
-Lighting System:
Ceiling lamps:24 group×4pcs =96pcs 16W tubes
Bottom lamps:28 group×4pcs=102pcs16Wtubes
LED lamp,luminance≥1000LUX
-Control System:
Touch screen control box (CE certification). The main components of control box for Siemens or Schneider brand. With light switch, normal spray switch, constant temperature spray switch, baking switch, emergency stop, breakdown alarm, time adding, time and temperature set switch etc.
-Empty loading air speed: ≥0.2m/s
-Max Temperature: 80°C
-Voltage: 415V,3P,50HZ
-Total power: 33.5KW

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