PC-IS522 Automotive painting inspection booth

Item No.: PC-IS522
Philips LED lamp,
18W ≥ 1800lm,
The light effect ≥ 100lm/W,
The light beam angle ≥ 1200, 
The color temperature: sunlight color 5000-6500K
The color index CRI ≥ 75
The power factor ≥ 0.95
Illuminance≥ 1400 Lux
CE certification
Item No. PC-IS522

The outside size    6100 x 5400 x 3700mm (L x W x H)
The entrance size    5000 x 3500mm (W x H)
The structure    Steel frame structure, equipped with steel reinforcing steel and steel section beams; Powder finish.
Inspection light box
Name: Prism light box
1. It’s mainly used for inspection of defects on the car’s surface, which can reduce the glare of the luminaires through the prism. At the same time, it can be obvious spectral transition, make the chromatic aberrations, scratches, tiny holes, orange peel, etc. be found easily. 
2. Strip grating light boxes will form the article reflected in car body. If there are any protrusions, such as lack of angle will cause reflection of the change. 
3. There are brightness controllers equipped on the light box, which can be adapted to the various color on the surface of the car.
1.  The light box is made of cold-rolled steel sheet metal stamping and welding, equipped with the wiring hole or power outlet, the inside of the box is equipped with the reflective panel, the reflection form is the upper reflection, the lower reflection and the horizontal reflection. 
2.  The main components are the Philips. 
3.  The light box is equipped with the cooling hole and with special installation accessories. Convenient installation, easy maintenance and replacement.
Working voltage    AC200-240V, frequency 50Hz
Rated luminous flux    
    18w ≥ 1800lm, 
    the light effect ≥ 100lm/W,
    the light beam angle ≥ 1200,  
    The color temperature: sunlight color 5000-6500K
    The color index CRI ≥ 75
    The power factor ≥ 0.95 
Number of lights    
     32sets x 3pcs = 96pcs, 58W lamp tube
     16sets x 3pcs = 48pcs, 36W lamp tube                  
Illuminance    ≥ 1300Lux
Electric control box
    Button control, lighting switch, intelligent IC power constant current drive
    Open circuit, shot circuit protection, overvoltage, undervoltage protection 
    CE certification.
The total power     9kw

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