PC-OS-6 Hot air circulation industrial oven

Item No.: PC-OS-6
1.SECC outside, powder coating; Inner SUS#304 stainless steel
2. High temperature resistant long shaft motor
3. Turbine fan
4. Silicone forced tight
5. Overtemperature protection, super load automatic power system
6. Air force level cycle
Item No. PC-OS-6
Standard oven size:

 Model Inner Size
  External Size
Heating up
Power Rate of work
PC-6-45 45×40×40 66×92×55  
About 10min
±0.3 ±1%  
PC-6-60 50×60×50 70×125×65 ±0.3 ±1% 4.5
PC-6-90 60×90×50 80×156×65 ±0.3 ±1% 5.5
PC-6-100 80×100×60 100×166×75 ±0.3 ±1% 8
PC-6-120 90×120×60 110×186×75 ±0.3 ±1% 10
PC-6-140 140×120×60 160×186×75 ±0.3 ±1% 12
PC-6-160 160×140×80 180×206×97 ±0.3 ±1% 14
PC-6-180 180×140×100 200×200×118 ±0.3 ±1% 16

Customized oven (our oven can be all customized
    Inner chamber size: can be customized
Outer size:W×H×D(CM)  according to the fact size.
Temperature range: the max long time used temperature
Power: single phase 220V; three phase 380V  
Rate of work: when inner actual temperature reach the setting temperature, the power is just 10%-20% of  its heating power.
Accuracy:controlling accuracy: ±0.5℃
Temperature distribution: ±1.0℃%(no-load)
Optional custom made parts:
PID programmable controller or touch screen PLC controller.
Temperature recorder.
Automatic door switch.
Inner cart or stainless steel plate and layers.
External painted color.
Cable hole.Other required parts.  



  • The controller is located on the right part of the machine together with luxury stainless steel handle and explosion-proof lock.
  • Internal material is SUS mirror stainless steel. All the internal material is low polluted and all internal barrels use argon arc welding.
  • External material is1.22mm SECC steel plate which is fine powder baking finished.
  • Heat preservation material for the imported high-density glass rock wool with perfect thermal insulation, maximize temperature heat preservation, use silicage which can long time be under the high temperature of 200 degrees or above. 
Temperature controller:
  • PID microcomputer automatic conclusion, PS/SV simultaneous display be able to set the temperature freely as needed in the range of allowable temperature.
  • CA(K) TYPE   output for 12 V
  • Current controller is SSR contactless Relay, keep high stability of the current.
  • Heat material for cellular stainless-steel heat pipe, no pollution and hair long service life.
Air supply system:
  • Forced convection level supply air circulation, the motor runs circularly to drive wind wheel to electric heaters rotor, send the hot wind into the oven and then inhalt it to air passage after using to be air source again, thus reduce heat cycle energy loss and ensure the uniform temperature. When opening or closing the door may cause disturbance action this system can be used to recover temperature operation conditions quickly.
  • The motor is imported from Taiwan which has long axis and can endure high temperature.
  • The fan is a multipage turbine in high strength, equipped with adjustable diversion within the boards which can make the wind road runs smoothly.

Over-temperature protection, No welding wire switch, fuse, Motor over load relay.
Timer: 9999s~9999h(can exchange H,M,S and set the place of decimal point)

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