PC-BRP20 big cyclone recovery powder coating booth
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Model: PC-BRP20


Name: Big cyclone recovery powder coating booth


The powder is fully fluidized in the powder supply center box, and the powder pump produces a siphon effect to transport the powder to the spray gun through the powder pipe. The powder is charged through the corona area of ​​the spray gun electrode, causing it to be electrostatically charged and attracted to the surface of the grounded workpiece. The filter suction system generates negative pressure inside the powder spraying room, and sucks the unadsorbed powder into the cyclone through the smooth inner wall of the pipe along with the air flow for separation.


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The powder with heavier particles (recyclable powder), along with the centrifugal force of the rotating airflow, extends to the cyclone wall, passes through the powder sieve to the conical powder collecting hopper, and then is transported back to the powder center for recycling by the dense phase valve. Powders with relatively light particles (superfine powders that cannot be recovered) will be filtered with the exhaust air flow through the secondary pipe. The powder is finally filtered thoroughly by the filter element, and the filter element with the built-in rotary wing pulse blowback system knocks the powder down to the waste powder hopper, and keeps itself clean and maintains an effective suction force.






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