PC-MRP10 multi-cyclone recovery powder coating booth
portable auto paint spray booth



Model: PC-MRP10


Name: Multi-cyclone recovery powder coating booth


The multi-tube small cyclone secondary recovery powder spraying room is suitable for multi-color production due to its high recovery rate, and has been rapidly and widely used. The multi-tube small cyclone secondary recycling spray room manufactured by Paintcolor has the characteristics of compact structure and small floor space, which is especially suitable for production workshops with limited height.


1. Single powder separation rate is as high as 98%, saving powder

2. The bottom of the powder spraying room adopts a pulse air blowback device to ensure the timely recycling of powder

3. Using high-quality nano-coated filter element, the life of the filter element can be as long as several years

4. The nano-coated filter element can capture dust above 0.1 micron without wasting powder. At the same time, the filtered gas becomes clean air, which can be directly circulated in the workshop.

5. Completely independent powder filtration and powder supply system







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