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Dry Filter Paint Bench is designed for professional use, it has a large work surface and is made of durable materials. The workbench has a built-in air compressor, allowing you to work quickly and efficiently.


Dry Filter Paint Bench is a simple but effective tool that allows you to paint your car without any water or solvents. By using this tool, you can avoid wetting and spillage problems, as well as the use of air brushes, which often require special storage.


Dry Filter Paint Bench


The Dry Filter Paint Bench is one of the most handy paint tools in the workshop. It saves time and labor as it eliminates the need to clean up water and paint spills. Workbenches also allow painters to work at a comfortable height, which is especially important when working on high ceilings or elevated surfaces.


Dry Filter Paint Bench offers many advantages over traditional paint benches. They are generally faster and easier to set up, can be used in a smaller space, and are less likely to cause allergic reactions.


What are the precautions for Dry Filter Paint Bench?


1. Shellac can not be used as the sealing primer of PE series, otherwise it will affect the adhesion and heat resistance of the primer.


2. The dosage of blue water, white water and diluent should be adjusted according to temperature, humidity and seasonal requirements. If the ambient temperature is low and the construction requirements are fast, the dosage of blue water and white water can be appropriately increased, and vice versa. When the temperature changes little, the effect of increasing the amount of orchid water is obvious.


3. The amount of blue water and white water added is also limited. Too little addition will result in insufficient cross-linking of the paint film, slow hardening, difficulty in grinding, and poor overall performance. Adding too much will speed up the cross-linking of the paint film, and the paint will have a useful life after mixing. Short, easy to block the spray gun, and prone to cracks after film formation.


4. The addition of diluent should be adjusted according to the important construction conditions to achieve the ideal spraying effect.


5. During continuous construction, the spray gun, watering can and pipes should be cleaned frequently with thinner, the old paint should be washed, and the paint should be re-adjusted for use. After the construction, the complete set of equipment must be thoroughly cleaned to ensure that the equipment can be used normally for a long time.


6. When using PE series paint, blue water and white water can not be mixed directly, otherwise it will cause a strong explosion and fire. It must be mixed into the paint separately according to the regulations and stirred well before they can be mixed together for use.


7. The mixed paint should be used up within 15 minutes under normal temperature, so as to avoid waste or block the appliance.



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