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If you are looking for a Water Curtain Paint Bench that is both sturdy and stylish, look no further than PAINTCOLOR's Spray Bench. This bench is made of heavy duty steel and it has a water curtain mechanism. Made of high quality materials so you can be sure it will last a long time. The powder-coated surface of the bench provides years of wear and tear resistance.


Water Curtain Paint Bench


Water Curtain Paint Bench is perfect for small spaces. This simple and affordable bench is easy to assemble and can be used to create a variety of colorful water curtains. The bench can be used to paint walls, ceilings or almost any other smooth surface. It's also a great way to use up leftover paint or create a temporary painted surface.


The Water Curtain Paint Bench is a great addition to any home studio. It allows you to apply paint to canvas or board easily and quickly. The bench has a movable arm that allows you to easily reach all areas of the painting surface. There is also a storage area on the bench for brushes and other painting supplies.


About Water Curtain Paint Bench:


Spray booths are available in a variety of configurations depending on the size, shape, weight and production procedure of the workpiece: open and closed; continuous and intermittent; workpiece rotating or stationary; single-sided and double-sided spraying. According to the specific needs of different users and our years of practical experience, the following types of spray booths are designed.


1. Dry spray booth


The dry spray booth has a simple structure, uniform ventilation and wind pressure, small paint loss and high painting efficiency. Since no water is used, there is no need for wastewater treatment and operating costs are low. Completely replace the spray booth without water and oil stains.


2. Water curtain spray booth


The workpiece is sent to the spray booth by the hanging conveyor, or the workpiece is placed on the worktable turntable. The operator sprays the workpiece with a handheld electrostatic spray gun or a fixed rotor spray gun. Using electrostatic spray gun, paint mist capture effect is good. The dispersed overspray is attracted by the airflow to the water curtain for purification, and then purified by spraying, and the purified gas is discharged to the outdoors through the gas-water separation device. The paint mist captured by the water curtain flows into the water tank with the water, is sucked and filtered by the water pump, and the paint residue floats on the water surface. Then the paint flocculant is added to the pool, and the paint residue will condense into loose clumps, which are then scooped out and concentrated in the container to keep the water clean, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying paint mist.


3. No pump spray booth


Using high-speed exhaust to induce water pumping, the exhaust system and the pumping system are combined into one to form a pumpless water circulation system, that is, the entire pump circulation water supply system is omitted, the structure is simplified, and the floor space is reduced; after the pump circulates water, it overcomes the There are fatal flaws in various pump water supply systems that are easily blocked by paint slag. The maintenance is simple, the equipment performance is reliable, it is not prone to failure, and it is easy to use; because the air containing paint mist passes through the water curtain and the water curtain, and the strong mixing and stirring of the water mist in the air-water channel forms a multi-stage purification process and improves the purification efficiency. .


4. Water whirl spray booth


The water cyclone spray booth adopts the upper air supply and the lower air, and the paint mist capture device is below the spray booth, which is suitable for large and medium-sized workpieces. The utility model relates to a paint mist treatment equipment which uses water as the medium and adopts the upper air supply and the lower air extraction to fully mix the paint mist and water in the lower part of the spray booth. The surface of the water whirl spray booth can be large or small, and is suitable for high-level spraying of large and medium-sized workpieces.


All in all, the purpose of the spray booth and the paint booth is to paint the workpiece, and the spray booths of different specifications can be selected according to different production needs.



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