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Furniture Paint Booth is gaining popularity in the furniture paint industry. This is because they are very efficient and easy to use. They also allow you to quickly paint large pieces of furniture without leaving your work area.


Furniture Paint Booth


Furniture Paint Booth is a great way to give your furniture a new look. This is especially true if you have a lot of furniture and don't have the time or money to do it all. You can get the job done quickly and easily at home with Furniture Paint Booth.


Furniture Paint Booth is a convenient and affordable way to give your furniture a new look. The equipment comes with all the necessary tools and materials to get the job done quickly and easily. Plus, it's an easy way to save money by painting the furniture yourself instead of going to a professional painter.


What is the structure principle of Furniture Paint Booth?


Principle and structure: The whole is an assembled structure. The house adopts the sub-mother-insertion thermal insulation spray wall panel, which has good sealing and thermal insulation performance. The door is covered with aluminum alloy. There is a working door on the side of the body, which is convenient for the staff to enter and exit.


How Furniture Paint Booth works:


When spraying paint, the outside air is first filtered by the air inlet and sent to the static pressure chamber of the paint room by the blower. . At this time, the load air speed in the paint room is >0.3m/s, and the paint mist generated by spray painting will not stay at the operator's breathing zone, but will rapidly descend with the airflow and be filtered by the bottom water and discharged from the exhaust duct at high altitude.


Paint room air purification system


The filter system device adopts two filter layers. The coarse filter layer can effectively capture dust particles with a diameter greater than 10um. Large, small resistance, long life, filtration efficiency over 98%.


air circulation system


The air circulation system is composed of a complete set of units. The unit is equipped with a set of fans, and the air is supplied by two 3KW fans. The total air volume is 24,000 square meters, so that the loaded wind speed of the indoor air is > 0.3m/s, thereby ensuring the rapid indoor air circulation. No paint mist residue, ensuring the health of the operator and the effect of painting. The fan adopts the special air-conditioning fan for spray paint and paint room produced by Siemens technology, with compact structure, low power consumption and stable performance.


Paint mist treatment system


Paint mist treatment adopts water-type filtration, low cost of use, ideal paint mist adsorption, and good effect. Indoor noise complies with GBJ87-85 "Design Specification for Noise Control of Industrial Enterprises" and does not exceed 85 decibels. Development status and working structure principle in my country


The price of domestic low-end products ranges from 22,000 to 60,000, and the price of high-end products ranges from 60,000 to 150,000. There are many kinds of products. The main types of circulation are: outdoor rain-proof paint booths, fuel-fired high-temperature paint booths, teaching spray booths, large channel-type paint booths, environmentally friendly paint booths, infrared paint booths and standard paint booths, etc., with different functions; Generally, the paint baking room adopts an assembled structure. The room body adopts the mother-in-law thermal insulation spray wall panel, which has good sealing and thermal insulation performance. There is a working door on the side of the room body, which is convenient for staff to enter and exit. The observation window allows you to observe the dynamics of the room at any time. The auxiliary equipment in the paint baking room is also endless. The ones with high utilization rate include: fans, burners, lights, bottom plates, filter cotton, electric control boxes, generating rooms, paint baking lamps, high-efficiency Thermal energy converters, etc. Of course, the specific configuration and model depend on the overall planning of the car service organization.


Workpiece spraying provided


(1) Clean working environment;


(2) Fully collect paint mist.


According to the size, shape, weight and production program of the workpiece, the configuration of the spray paint booth can be in various ways: there are open type and closed type; there are continuous type and intermittent type; there are workpiece rotation or fixed points; Spraying and double-sided spraying. In recent years, oil curtain spray booths and lower spray booths have been developed. The structure should include: air supply filter system, workpiece hanging (transmission, rotation) device, water curtain system, water washing system, exhaust system, water tank, lighting device and chamber body.


The principle of paint mist recycling


The paint mist recovery can be divided into two parts: one is when the workpiece is sprayed, the paint mist and the water curtain collide and mix, the water curtain will dissolve part of the paint mist and fall into the water tank; the second is the paint mist that is not dissolved in the water curtain passes through the bottom of the water curtain plate The gap enters the washing chamber and is fully mixed with the water mist sprayed by the atomizing nozzle. The gas and water are separated and settled and then flow into the water tank. Add paint mist coagulant regularly to the sink to form paint slag.


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