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Water leak detection is essential for businesses and homeowners alike. The advantage of the Water Leak Test Booth test is that it can be done quickly and easily in a controlled environment. By knowing the signs of a water leak, you can take appropriate action to prevent damage or loss. Testing your home's water supply is also important to ensure you have safe drinking water.


Water leaks are a common problem in buildings. Water leaks can cause extensive damage to the building, and repairs can be expensive. The Water Leak Test Booth can help quickly identify water leaks and avoid costly repairs.


Water Leak Test Booth


Water leak detection has become a critical function in many businesses and homes. The Water Leak Test Booth can help determine the severity of the leak and help prevent further damage.


The Water Leak Test Booth plant is the key equipment for the water leak test. PAINTCOLOR has a variety of products such as water leakage test benches, water leakage instruments, and water leakage detection systems. With advanced technology and experienced engineers, we can provide you with the most professional and reliable water leakage test bench.


The environmental impact assessment test of air pollution in the spray booth requires the monitoring data to be complete, accurate, representative, comparable and precise.


1. From distribution, sampling, storage of samples to analysis and testing, data processing and result evaluation are strictly implemented in accordance with the standard requirements. The instrument should be calibrated and the reagents should meet the requirements.


2. Before the formal test, the type and quantity of the painting materials, solvents and thinners used in the Water Leak Test Booth should be clearly investigated; the structure, waste gas treatment methods, and equipment capabilities of the Water Leak Test Booth should also be found out and sent to , The number and parameters of the exhaust fan, whether there is a speed control device, and how much the fan is opened during normal production, especially to understand.


3. Before the official test, pre-inspection of the exhaust gas discharged from the Water Leak Test Booth should be carried out, and the composition and concentration range of organic compounds in the exhaust gas should be analyzed to clarify the composition of expected organic compounds and unexpected organic compounds.


4. The exhaust gas temperature should be detected during the spray paint exhaust gas test, and the data should be converted into the exhaust gas volume under standard conditions when calculating the data.


5. After the spraying exhaust gas is predicted and the relevant pollutants are identified, the Water Leak Test Booth should do the recovery test of the sampling system. The exact same sampling device was used on site, and the Water Leak Test Booth detection principle was used. One set was marked with the Water Leak Test Booth detection cycle, and the other set was not marked. The effective recovery should be in the range of 60%<R<120%. If it exceeds the range, it means that the sampling technology is not suitable for the detection of this project.


How to calculate the price of Water Leak Test Booth exhaust gas environmental protection test?


According to the specific purpose can be divided into the following four


(1) Pollution accident monitoring: When a pollution accident occurs, emergency monitoring is carried out, and the Water Leak Test Booth test report is used to determine the direction, speed and danger range of pollutants, and provide a basis for pollution control. Such monitoring often adopts mobile monitoring (vehicle, ship, etc.), simple monitoring, low-altitude aerial survey, remote sensing and other means.


(2) Arbitration monitoring: mainly to monitor the conflicts arising from pollution accident disputes and environmental law enforcement. Arbitration monitoring should be carried out by the national department with all-power to provide legally responsible data (unbiased data) for the enforcement department to arbitrate.


(3) Assessment and verification monitoring: including personnel assessment, method verification and acceptance monitoring when the pollution control project is completed.


(4) Consulting service monitoring: service monitoring provided for scientific research institutions and production units. For example, when constructing a new enterprise, environmental impact assessment should be carried out, and monitoring should be carried out according to the assessment requirements.


(5) Research monitoring (also known as scientific research monitoring)


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Auto water leak test booth for oridinary car PC-STB654132


Model: PC-STB654132

  • Show room size: 6500 x 4100 x 3200mm
  • Delivery methods: manual come in and out
  • Function: use for automotive anti-rain detection
  • Composition: shower area, electric control system
  • Rainfall intensity: 7mm/min





Water Leak Test Booth Shower test rooms water tightness test booth shower testing booth shower tester booth for buses trucks and cars PaintColor


USE:The water leak test booth is mainly used to detect the water tightness of the vehicle. Through the shower test booth, the condition of the rainwater detection is similar to the outside natural condition to confirm the watertight state of the auto. 






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