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PAINTCOLOR is a Powder Coating Equipment manufacturer providing the highest quality powder coating systems, equipment and supplies for the industrial, commercial and military markets. We have a wide range of products to meet customer needs, including metal coating equipment, plastic coating equipment, color coating equipment and more. Our experienced engineers can help you find the right system for your application.


Powder coating is a process of applying a thin film of metal powder to a substrate. It can be used to produce many different types of products such as aircraft parts, auto parts and medical equipment. Powder Coating Equipment manufacturers produce a variety of different machines for coating powders on substrates. These machines can be used for mass production or small scale production.


Powder Coating Equipment


Powder Coating Equipment is a process for applying protective coatings to metal parts. The process is used in industrial applications such as aircraft and automotive parts. Powder coatings offer many advantages over other types of coatings, such as non-toxicity and weather resistance. Powder coatings are also less expensive than other types of coatings.


Powder Coating Equipment is a critical part of the manufacturing process for many products. Powder coating is a paint that is sprayed onto a surface and then hardened by sunlight or heat. Powder coatings are used on everything from cars to kitchen appliances.


Pros of Powder Coating Equipment:


The use of powder spraying equipment to spray powder on the workpiece refers to a coating process that uses corona discharge to make powder coatings adhere to the workpiece. Powder coating is to spray powder coating on the surface of the workpiece with powder spraying equipment. Under the action of static electricity, the powder will be uniformly adsorbed on the surface of the workpiece to form a powder coating; A final coating with different effects (different kinds of effects for powder coatings).


Advantages and features:


Powder Coating Equipment can save a third of energy consumption. Powder Coating Equipment has better ventilation recovery effect. After the opening area of the spray booth is reduced, the negative pressure of the spray booth section increases, which can prevent powder spillage. And there are no consumable parts. Powder Coating Equipment adopts advanced cyclone and nano-membrane filter element recycling technology, which can improve the powder separation rate by about 2 points and reduce waste powder by about 15 tons per year.


Powder Coating Equipment type quick color changing spray booth adheres less powder, and adopts automatic cleaning device at the same time, color changing can save about 1/2 time compared with traditional vertical line color changing spray booth. Powder Coating Equipment is environmentally friendly. The imported nano-membrane filter element with 0.1um filtration precision is adopted, and the exhaust gas is directly circulated indoors.



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