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Customized Paint Booth produces custom-designed spray booths for a variety of industries, and they can be configured in a variety of configurations to suit any need, offering a wide range of customization options, allowing customers to create a booth that perfectly suits their needs. PAINTCOLOR also offers a variety of special colors and finishes, as well as the option to add a personal touch such as logo and branding. Contact us to learn more about their Customized Paint Booth.


Customized Paint Booth


Customized Paint Booth can help businesses save time and money by simplifying the painting process. Businesses can choose from a variety of spray booths designed to meet their characteristic needs. Some booths allow businesses to paint multiple colors at the same time, while others allow for more precise painting. All customizable spray booths have safety features and are easy to use.


Customized Paint Booth is becoming more popular as people want to be able to paint their own unique creations. There are a variety of different Customized Paint Booths out there, and at PAINTCOLOR you can find the right spray booth for you.


What's the point of Customized Paint Booth?


1. Determine a reasonable configuration form.


2. Determine a reasonable average air velocity on the level of Customized Paint Booth.


3. The air supply and exhaust systems are reasonably matched to ensure the slight negative pressure in the Customized Paint Booth.


4. The thickness of the water curtain should be uniform, and attention should be paid to the structure of the upper water tank and the distribution of the water supply pipeline.


5. The distance from the lower part of the water curtain plate to the liquid level of the water tank should be reasonable.


6. The water-washing atomizing nozzles and pipelines should be easy to disassemble, replace and clean.


7. The gas-water separation and sedimentation should be sufficient and easy to clean.


What is the design goal of Customized Paint Booth?


Engineering provides the design, manufacture and installation of equipment. The design principle is to ensure that the concentration of exhaust gas in the working area is in line with GBZ1-2002 "concentration of waste gas in the working area, under the premise of meeting the requirements of the spray painting production process, mainly considering the working environment of workers, atmospheric emission standards, reliable operation of equipment, and convenient operation and maintenance. Industrial Enterprise Design Hygiene Standard", and the atmospheric emission complies with GB16297-1996 "Air Pollutant Comprehensive Emission Standard"; strive to reach the most advanced level of domestic similar products in terms of structural design, equipment modeling and supporting facilities, and construction quality.


More products:




PC-HS2 Cross Flow Spray Booth Painting Booth Compact Design For Easy Installation With Metal Framed Door



Option voltage:380V/220V, 3P/1P, 50hz/60hz

1:Cross flow air ventilation with no basement

2: Metal framed door with steel hinges and enforcement beams inside

3: Explosion proof axial fans with compact sizes and large air volume





PC-PS60M Automotive Prep Station With Movable Wheel And Three-level Filters Suitable For Car Fast Repair



1. Operates on standard 110 V/220V/240V ac power

2. No assembly required - delivered ready to use

3. Easy to replace multi stage filters

4. Efficiency - 98% Average Dust Spot Efficiency





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