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PAINTCOLOR is a manufacturer of Standard Paint Booth that offers a wide range of spray booths for small and large businesses. There are also options for height, width and depth to suit any need. In addition, Standard Paint Booth has features like built-in ladders and multiple colors.


Standard Paint Booth is a high-quality and affordable way to get your painting projects done quickly and correctly. Constructed from sturdy steel and with a variety of adjustable angles and heights, it's perfect for any size space.


Standard Paint Booth


A spray booth is a large enclosed space that allows workers to apply paints, coatings, and varnishes to objects. In order for workers to be productive in a paint booth, the space must be properly maintained. That's where the Standard Paint Booth Maker comes in.


Several factors to measure when buying a Standard paint booth:


①Brightness, the brightness in the Standard paint booth needs to reach 800-1000 lux, and the light close to D65 light source needs to be used, and the walls in the room should be matte white;


②Air flow;


③The filtering effect depends on the model of the top cotton of the Standard paint booth. Generally, there are two models of EU5 and EU6 used by the repair shop. When using the Standard paint booth, the upper part can be irradiated with a sun lamp in the room, usually very small per square meter. Dust should be less than 5;


④For the sealing effect of the wall, the Standard paint booth must be sealed, and there should be no accumulation of paint dust at the joints;


⑤ To ensure positive pressure, the air inlet volume of the Standard paint booth should be slightly larger than the air outlet volume, so that the Standard paint booth can be kept in a positive pressure state;


⑥ The sealing effect of the heating system should be well sealed around the burner and the chimney, and no putty after combustion may appear;


⑦The heating rate, the time it takes for the Standard paint booth to rise from 20℃ to 60℃ is about l0-l5min. At the same time, it should be noted that some standard paint booth thermometers are inaccurate. When measuring the temperature, the temperature of the metal body in the Standard paint booth shall prevail. . If the selected Standard paint booth can meet the above conditions, it will be an ideal Standard paint booth. However, in the process of accumulated use, there will be many situations such as poor quality of the standard paint booth, more dust in the room, poor construction effect, poor lighting effect, etc. In fact, as long as everyone can use and maintain the standard paint booth correctly, These problems are completely avoidable.


Standard Paint Booth is a must-have tool for any trader or professional painter. With a large work space and adjustable shelves, it can hold a variety of paint cans and brushes. It's also easy to clean, making it a valuable asset for any painting or construction project.



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