Inflatable Paint Spray Booth User Guide
Inflatable Paint Spray Booth User Guide
Paintline Spray Booth User Guide
Paintline Spray Booth User Guide
Application Of Collapsible Paint Booth
Application Of Collapsible Paint Booth

China Paint Mixing Room supplier


Looking to buy a Paint Mixing Room? You have come to the right place! Here you can find Paint Mixing Rooms of all types and sizes. Whether you are looking for a small home mixing room or a large commercial facility, we can meet your needs, we are a professional Paint Mixing Room supplier.


The Paint Mixing Room offers the paint needed for a variety of uses, from home improvement projects to car finishing. Suppliers offer a variety of colors and types of coatings, including traditional and specialty coatings. Some suppliers also offer specialized coatings for specific applications, such as automotive paint.


Paint Mixing Room


The Paint Mixing Room is essential in any large painting project. The right paint can make or break a wall, and the right paint mix can give your project the perfect finish.


Paint Mixing Rooms are generally large, bright spaces where paints are mixed and prepared for use in the paint and decorating industry. In these rooms, various types of paint are combined to create a final product suitable for use on walls, furniture and other surfaces. The room may also include tools and equipment for mixing paint, as well as storage space for paint supplies.


Industrial Paint Mixing Room


An industrial paint mixing room is a space where paints are mixed together to create new colors or shades. This type of room is typically found in a factory or warehouse setting, and it is usually equipped with large machines and containers for holding the various paint colors and other liquids that are needed for the mixing process. In some cases, the room may also have a ventilation system to help remove any fumes that are created during the mixing process.


Advantages of Industrial Paint Mixing Room


The industrial paint mixing room is a space in which various colors and shades of paint can be mixed together to create the desired color or shade.

Paint can be mixed by hand or with an electric mixer.

The industrial paint mixing room is equipped with ventilation to remove fumes and odors from the room.

The industrial paint mixing room is also equipped with lighting to provide a well-lit space for mixing paint.

The industrial paint mixing room is a space where colors can be combined to create custom colors or shades.


Notes for Painting Mixing Room:


1. Before spraying, it is necessary to check whether the air pressure of spraying is normal, and at the same time ensure that the filter system is clean;


2. Check the air compressor and oil-water dust separator to keep the paint spray hose clean.


3. Spray guns, spray hoses and paint cans should be stored in a clean place;


4. Except for dust removal with a blow gun and a sticky dust cloth, all other pre-spraying processes should be completed outside the paint booth;


5. Only spraying and baking processes can be performed in the Paint Mixing Room, and the paint room door can only be opened when vehicles enter and exit. When opening the door, the air circulation system during spraying must be activated to generate positive pressure to ensure dust outside the room. cannot enter the room;


6. You must wear the designated spray clothes and safety equipment to enter the Paint Mixing Room for operation;


7. During the baking operation, the flammable items in the baking room must be taken out of the room;


8. Non-essential personnel are not allowed to enter the Paint Mixing Room.


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Industrial paint mixing room:

5*5*2.9m paint-mixing room (fans on the ceiling)


Inside size:



Outside size:








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