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If you're looking for a way to reduce the time it takes to spray your vehicle, a Mini bus or SUV spray booth could be the perfect solution for you. These booths are compact and easy to transport, so they can be used in a variety of environments. Plus, they offer a high degree of precision when painting your vehicle.


Spray booths are commonly used in the paint and body shop industries. Unlike traditional dryers, these spray booths use hot air to atomize paint or other materials being sprayed. This results in a more uniform coating, and less waste.


Mini bus or SUV spray booth


Mini bus or SUV spray booths are great options for small businesses and organizations that need to maximize parking space. This type of spray booth is quick and easy to install, providing customers with a safe and clean environment.


Mini bus or SUV spray booths are ideal for businesses that need to clean large surfaces quickly and easily. These booths are small and easy to move, so they can be used anywhere. They also have a high capacity so they can handle a lot of cleaning jobs at once.


Which places and details are the guarantees for the safe production of SUV spray booth?


Safe production is the primary prerequisite for production and work in any industry. Let's share some guarantees about the production safety of SUV spray booth:


1. The first is to check whether the air pressure is normal when entering the SUV spray booth, and at the same time, ensure that the hose to be painted is clean and tidy.


2. The preparations before spraying should be done outside the SUV spray booth as much as possible.


3. The staff in the SUV spray booth must wear safe protective equipment before entering.


4. Another thing is that the work in the SUV spray booth is the two processes of spraying and painting. It is best not to complete other processes in it.


5. SUV spray booth is absolutely prohibited unauthorized smoking and the appearance of open flames.


6. Finally, it is necessary to maintain and maintain the SUV spray booth frequently to keep the environment clean and tidy.


Guarantee to do the above points, I believe you have achieved the safe production of SUV spray booth, please be responsible for your life and the lives of others.


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PC-LS9 9*4.5*3.5 m Painting Baking Booth SUV Paint Booth Industrial Spray Booth For Larger Vehicles


Model: PC-LS9

1. equipped with steel reinforced bar made  by shaped steel and the composite beam for stronger structure.

2. 1x11kw air inlet turbo fan, 1x11kw air exhaust turbo fan

3. 520mm height air plenum for more smooth air flow ventilation

4. Big ramp convenient to drive in vehicles







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