PC-AS7 Australian standard excellent performance automotive spray booth with explosion-proof lighting system

Australian standard performance automotive spray booth | automotive spray booth | spray booth



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Australian standard performance automotive spray booth:

Model: PC-AS7 


1. 0.6mm color steel sheet extrusion

2. 1x7.5kw air inlet turbo fan, 1x7.5kw air exhaust turbo fan

3. 520mm height air plenum

4. Big ramp

5. LED tube

6. Active carbon bag filter

7. Lamp box outside openning

8. Escape safe lock



Australian standard performance automotive spray booth | automotive spray booth | spray booth


Automotive spray booth:



1): Outside dimension:7005706×3480mm (L×W×H); 2): Inside dimension: 6900×4000×2650mm (L×W×H)

3):  Front door dimension: 3000×2600mm (W×H);      4): Working door dimension: 800×2000mm (W×H)

Cabin System:

1): Wall panel: 50mm thickness flame-resistant and heat-preserving EPS panel; 0.6mm thickness double-face colored steel sheet

2): Roof panel: 0.8mm galvanized steel sheet

3): Air plenum height: 520mm

4): Room frame: 1.2mm galvanized steel sheet, powder coating finish

5): Front door: Sheet metal folding door;3 leaves; big square observation window; thickness 50mm; double faces δ=0.8mm galvanized sheet bending; infilling: PU

6): Working door: Safety escape lock

7): Basement: height is 300mm; galvanized steel sheet frame and square steel duct support beam assembling, 2 rows grids and 3 rows embossed plate. The grid is made of 30*4 flat bar and 8mm twisted steel, with surface galvanized treatment.

8): Ramp: 3 partial ramps, single size is W900 x L2000 (mm), embossed plate structure

Lighting System:

1): Ceiling Lights: 10Groupsx4Pcs=40Pcs x16W; LED lamp

2): Side lights: 8Groupsx2Pcs=16Pcs x16W; LED lamp

3): Illuminance: ≥900Lux

4): Glass: tempered

5): Sealing: omniseal


Generator Structure:

1): Upper damper; side upper intake air; rear upward exhaust

2): Quadrate steel frame, powder coated finish

3): Galvanized steel sheet mask board, powder coated finish, with the acoustic plate and heat preservation plate.

Air Purification System:

Primary filter, High efficiency filter (ceiling filter), Floor Paint stop filter (fiber glass), Active carbon bag filter, Exhaust bag filter.

Air Circulation System:

1): Air speed: 0.25m/s, Air recycling times: 280times/h

2): Intake fan: 1 turbo fan, 7.5KW motor, direct drive, capacity: 25000m3/h, Pressure: 800Pa,Rolling speed: 900rpm;

3): Extract fan: 1 turbo fan, 7.5KW motor, direct drive, capacity: 25000m3/h, Pressure: 800Pa,Rolling speed: 900rpm;

4): Air intake pipe: 4m straight from the cabin with rain shield and manual damper; Exhaust duct supply: 4m straight from the cabin with flop damper and manual damper;

5): Painting & baking exchange switch: Pneumatic damper;


Heat System:

1): Heat exchanger: stainless steel SUS304, argon arc welding, 2-layer heat exchanging sheets

2): Italy Riello G20 diesel burner, max heating capacity: 180000kcal/h

3): Oil consumption 4~6L/set; Heating time 5~7minutes (from 20° to 80°)

4): Chimney: 4m from the cabin with one hoodstainless steel made

Control System:

1): Function button: paint, rising temperature paint, bake, temperature setting, time setting, lighting, hour meter, fan failure indicator light, burner failure indicator light

2): Protective device: Emergency stop switch, breakdown alarm, thermal protector

3): Start: Star triangle

4): Electric wire: 3 phases 5 lines

Total Power: 17KW

Voltage Require: 415V, 3P, 50Hz







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