PC-PS4 Automotive Prep Station Prep Bay Full Down Plenum For Better Air Cycle

Automotive Prep Station Prep Bay Full Down Plenum | Automotive Prep Station in China | Automotive Prep Station



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Automotive Prep Station Prep Bay Full Down Plenum:



1: 1*5.5KW fan for air exhaust.

2: With LED ceiling lighting.

3: Front and sides are PVC curtains; back side is 50mm thick EPS wall panels.

4: Full down draft with 300mm high metal basement, with full ceiling filtering plenum.

5: Galvanized steel sheet for roof panels.



Automotive Prep Station Prep Bay Full Down Plenum


Automotive Prep Station:


Inside dimension: 6400×4000×2650mm (L×W×H);

Outside dimension: 7650×4000×3430mm (L×W×H);


Cabin system:

1):  Wall panel: Front and Side: PVC curtains even soft slipping on Aluminum guide, Back wallboard: EPS Steel Skin Board, 50mm thick flame-resistant and heat-preserving EPS panel; 0.426 thick colored steel.

2): Roof panel: galvanized steel sheet;

3): Basement: steel metal basement two line grilles, three diamond plates; 2pcs of ramps; height is 300mm;

Air circulation system:

1): Fan Model: YD-5.6s; Capacity: 15000m3/h; Pressure: 800Pa; Speed: 900rpm, Power of fan: 5.5KW.

2): Fan Cabin: Profile framework, Assembly of steel plate cabin; Construction: Solid, beautiful and easy for Maintenance

Air purification system:

Pre-filter, high efficiency filter (ceiling filter), floor filter, active carbon;

Lighting system:

≥800Lux, Ceiling light: 24pcs 16W LED Lamp; light can make the room bright and uniform. LED lamp is professional and durable. Glass: all glass is clear tempered glass.

Control box:

Lighting switch, spraying, time setting, failure indicator, emergency stop, breakdown alarm;

Total power:




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