PC-LSSD15 Paint spray booth parts

PC-LSSD15 Paint spray booth parts


Inflatable Paint Spray Booth User Guide
Inflatable Paint Spray Booth User Guide
Paintline Spray Booth User Guide
Paintline Spray Booth User Guide
Application Of Collapsible Paint Booth
Application Of Collapsible Paint Booth

Semi down draft rear air exhaust bus and truck spray booth Paintcolor paint  spray booth large size paint drying oven


About Paint spray booth parts


Paint spray booth parts can be expensive and difficult to find, but they are important for making your booth look professional. Depending on the type of paint you are using, you may need different parts to operate your booth correctly. Here is a list of some of the most common parts: 


1. The pump. This is the part that sends paint through the gun. 

2. The gun. This is the part that shoots the paint out of the nozzle.

3. The booth itself- This includes the frame, door, and roof. 

4. The paint gun- This is the main tool used in the booth to create a fine spray of paint. 

5. The canister- This is where the paint is stored and dispensed. 

6. The hose- This connects the canister to the gun and delivers the paint to the target area. 


Paintcolor spray booth:



1. Inner size: 15m x 5m x 5m

2. Semi down draft; rear air exhaust

3. Strong structure with section steel reinforced and composite beams

4. Total air volume 40,000m3/h

5. Total heating capacity 380,000Kcal

6. Full set filtration system



Paintcolor spray booth | truck spray booth in China | China Paintcolor spray booth


China Paintcolor spray booth:

- Inside Dimension(mm):15000×5000×5000(L×W×H)
- Outside Dimension(mm): 17006×5156×5600mm(L×W×H)
- Front Door Dimension (mm):4000(W) ×4500(H)
- Service Door (mm):700(W)×2000(H) (two pcs)
- No loading air speed: ≥0.3m/s
- Voltage: 415V/50HZ/3P
- Total power: 38KW.
- Max temp.:80°C.
 -Main door:
1) Single open 4 leafs folded door. Dimension 4000×4500mm (W×H),
2) Bending frame made by Powder coated galvanized sheet, door made by 75mm thick EPS color steel plate,
 Steel colorful sheet double side 0. 6mm thick:
3) With squared shaped view window which is Aluminum alloy framed with big hinges.
4) Service door: 2units, 700×2000 (W×H), with pressure locks and square shaped tempering glass windows.
-Cabin System
1) The booth body adopts the steel frame structure as the framework, and equipped with steel reinforced bar made
by shaped steel and the composite beam made by shaped steel.
2) Wall panel: 75mm thick heat- insulation Rockwool colorful steel skin board. Steel colorful sheet double side 0. 6mm thick. Socket type
3) Roof panel: 0.8mm nice quality galvanized steel plate bending production
4) The body frame is made of galvanized steel plate.

1) Basement: no basement, rear air draft.
2) Back air cabinet size: 5106×1828×1000mm (L×W×H)), 1 unit.
-Air Circulation System:
1) The air cabinet is made of coated steel profiles and coated steel plates, double layer galvanized steel covers, inside filled with rock wool insulation protection material
2) Air Inlet Fan: One unit of air inlet system. Totally 2x7.5kw centrifugal fans.
A single fan with air capacity: 20000m3/h /set, model: DKF-5.6M, power: 7.5KW/set, 2 sets/unit. Belt-driven fan, motor- outside, Total air inlet volume: 40000m3/h
3) Air Outlet Fan: One unit of air exhaust systems. Totally 1 x15kw heavy duty centrifugal fans.
A single fan with air capacity: 32400m3/h /set, model: 4-82-6.3E, power: 15KW/set. Belt-driven fan, motor- outside, 1 set/unit.
Total air outlet volume: 32400m3/h
4) CE certified motors.
5) Totally 1 electrical dampers to control the air inlet and exhaust.
6) Exhaust ducts are made by Galvanized steel sheet and flange. Totally 15m air outlet ducts, 1 gravity damper and 1 manual damper. With 5m chimney made by galvanized steel sheet.
-Heating System:
1) Adopt 1 set of Italian Riello brand RS38 diesel burners. Heat capacity: 380,000Kcal/h/set. Total heat capacity: 380,000Kcal/h.
2) Heat exchanger is made of SUS304 stainless steel argon arc weld making. With double layer heat sinks, heat faster.
3) Equipped with 1 set of electrical damper actuators for spray phase and bake phase alternating.
-Filtration System:
1) Dual filtering structure, the primary filter can capture granules larger than 10 μm.
2) Ceiling high efficiency filter can capture granules bigger than 4μm.
3) With fiberglass filter and active carbon filter to filter exhausted air.
4) The whole purification system has capacity of large volume of dust. Its filtering rate reaches 98%. Air pressure balance gauge, TSP≤1.4mg/m3
-Light System:
1) Ceiling lamps: 20groups×4 pcs=80pcs, 18W; LED Philip tube;
2) Side lamps: 22groups×2 pcs =44pcs, 18W; LED Philip tube (Staggered installation);
3) All glass is toughened glass, ≥800LUX,All lamp boxed opened on the outside wall panels.       
-Control System:
1) Main electrical components are of Siemens/Schneider brand, Switch button type.
2) Spraying, constant temp. spraying, baking, pre-set time, lighting, Failure indicator; Emergency stop; hour meter, safety thermostat, etc.




Inflatable paint booths are becoming more popular as businesses look for ways to save on costs. These booths can be set up quickly and are a great solution for small businesses that need to paint a small area. They are also a great option for events where space is limited.





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