PC-HS2 Cross Flow Spray Booth Painting Booth Compact Design For Easy Installation With Metal Framed Door

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Cross Flow Car Spray Paint Booth Custom Spray Booth popular American model garage spray booth paint booth with affordable prices


Cross Flow Spray Booth Painting Booth:



1:Cross flow air ventilation with no basement

2: Metal framed door with steel hinges and enforcement beams inside

3: Explosion proof axial fans with compact sizes and large air volume

4: Multi layers of filters on exhaust,including paper filters,fiberglass filter,cotton fiter.

5: Compact sizes 2sets of spray booths can be loaded in 20feet container and 10 sets in 40 feet container,easier for installation.


China Spray Booth:


1. Outside dimension: 7800×4010×2750mm (L*W*H)

2. Inside dimension: 6900×3900×2700mm (L*W*H)

3. Wall and Door:

1). Wallboard: thickness is 50mm, and insulation is flame-resistant and heat-preserving EPS panel 0.426mm double skinned sheet;

2). Roof Panel: thickness is 50mm, and insulation is flame-resistant and heat-preserving EPS panel 0.426mm double skinned sheet;

3). Entrance Door: Door with steel frame, door panels are with double sided 0.8mm coating steel plate. With EPS staff inside; 1 set, size: 3000 x 2300mm (W x H), tempering glass observation window.

4). Personnel Door: 1 set, size: 700 x 2000mm (W x H),square shaped tempering glass observation window,with overpressure safe lock

4. Light System:

1). Ceiling Lighting: 8 units*each 4 x 16w= totally 32 ps of LED energy saving light tubes, all glass is toughened glass

2). Brightness:700 LUX

5. Filtration System:

1). Front filter: Adopt high efficiency adhesive filter, can capture the granules larger than 4µm, its filtering rate reaches 98%

2). high capacity Fiberglass paint-stop filter

6. Ventilation System:

1). Outlet Fan:1 set of big air volume axial fan, 3KW, motor outside, 3 phase, 380V, 5OHZ, Total Fan Capacity 15,000m3/h.

2). Air Flow Speed in Cabin: 0.4-0.6m/s in loaded booth

3). Duct: Straight pipe: 3 meters, 1 pc of elbow bending pipe, connected by molded flanges.

7. Heating System:

infrared lamp heater as option

8: Control Box:

Standard control system, with Painting, lighting, emergency stop switch, error indicator functions, Total Power is 4KW.

9:Option voltage:

380V/220V, 3P/1P, 50hz/60hz





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