PC-DS2 Spray booth paint booth with stable performance and environment friendly design for auto service shops

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Down draft booth for  large equipment vehicle refinishing Paintcolor paint booths collision repair paint chamber



Spray booth paint booth:

Model: PC-DS2  


1: 2*3KW centrifugal fan for air inlet, 1*5.5KW centrifugal fan for air exhaust. With electrical damper.

2: With LED ceiling lighting and bottom lighting.

3: Italy Riello diesel burner G10.

4: Full down draft booth with metal basement 300mm.2 lines of grids.

5: 50mm thick EPS wall panels and galvanized steel sheet for roof panels.




1): Outside dimension: 7000×5200×3400mm (L×W×H);

2): Inside dimension: 6900×3900×2650mm (L×W×H)

3): Front door dimension: 3000×2600mm (W×H);    

4): Working door dimension: 600×1800mm (W×H)


Cabin System:

1): Wall panel: 50mm thickness flame-resistant and heat-preserving EPS panel; Wallboard edges with iron cladding cover.

2): With metal framed main door. Door panels are with double sided 0.8mm coating steel plate. With EPS staff inside;

3): Basement: height is 300mm;made by galvanized steel sheet bending and welding, 3 rows embossed plates and 2 rows grilles made by 30*5 belt steel iron. Wheel weight 500KGS.

4): Roof panel: galvanized steel sheet.

5): Ramp: 2 partial ramps, single size is L1800 x W600 x H300 (mm), embossed plate structure.


Lighting System:

1): Ceiling Lights: 8Groupsx3Pcs=24Pcsx16W; LED lamp.

2): Bottom lights: 8Groupsx2Pcs=16Pcsx16W; LED lamp.

3): Illuminance: ≥800Lux.


Generator Structure:

1): Frame made by Square pipe welding , cover made by coated galvanized sheet, electrical damper.


Air Purification System:

1): Pre-filters effectively capture dust particles larger than 10 um

2): Ceiling filters efficiently capture dust particles larger than 4 um with a capturing rate of over 98%

3): Floor filter is Eu2 grade fiberglass filter below the grids to filter the excess paint mist produced during the painting process

4): Exhaust filter: double layers of fiberglass filter to deal with paint mist plus active carbon filter to absorb paint odor.


China Spray booth paint booth:

Air Circulation System:

1): Air intake system:2 sets of 3KW centrifugal fans, Total Air capacity: 20000m3/h, Pressure: 760Pa, Rolling speed:1440rpm,Power: 3kw/set, Quantity:2 sets

2): Air exhaust system:1 set of 5.5KW centrifugal fan, Total Air capacity: 15000m3/h, Pressure: 760Pa, Rolling speed:1440rpm,Power: 5.5kw/set, Quantity:1 set.


Heat System:

1): Heat exchanger: made by stainless steel, argon arc welding.

2): Italy Riello G10 diesel burner, max heating capacity: 100000kcal/h.Fuel consumption is 4-5 kgs/vehicle. Max baking temperature:60 ℃.


Control System:

1): Function button: paint, bake, lighting, temperature control, time setting, etc.

2): Protective device: Emergency stop switch, current leakage protection.


Total Power:13KW.

Voltage Require:  380V,50HZ,3P.




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