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PAINTCOLOR offers a wide range of Powder Coating Equipment to meet your specific needs. We have a variety of options to choose from, such as industrial spray guns, spray gun nozzles and tanks. Our team of experts can help you choose the right powder coating equipment for your business.


Powder Coating Equipment is the process of applying a thin film of powder to the surface of a metal or other object. The powder is spread on the surface with a brush, roller or spray gun, and then heated until the powder gets larger and starts to clump together. This creates a hard, durable finish that resists scratches and most chemicals. Powder coatings are used on a variety of objects, including cars, furniture, tools, and toys.


Powder Coating Equipment


Powder Coating Equipment is an industrial process that coats a material with a fine powder to give it a durable finish. The powder coating process is used to coat everything from automobiles to aircraft parts. There are many different types of powder coating equipment, but they all work the same way.


Powder Coating Equipment is an essential part of any industrial or commercial coating operation. The equipment can be used to apply a variety of coatings including, but not limited to: epoxies, polyurethanes, lacquers, enamels and paints. Powder sprayers come in a variety of sizes and configurations and can be used to apply paint to large objects like cars or boats or small objects like jewelry.


Application of Powder Coating Equipment in automotive coating process:


With the development of the automobile industry, advanced automobile coating technology and equipment, especially for car coating, can be quickly applied in our country. At present, the level of coating equipment installed in my country has made great progress. In the future, with the use of Powder Coating Equipment for environmentally friendly coatings such as water-based paint and powder coating, my country's coating technology level will reach the world's advanced level as a whole. Let's talk about the application of Powder Coating Equipment in the automotive coating process:


For the process layout of the paint workshop, it can be divided into drying area, working area, spray booth and clean room area, pre-treatment electrophoresis area, air conditioning room area, paint conveying area and other auxiliary equipment areas according to the characteristics of the equipment, which are arranged at all levels of the workshop and region. Different cleanliness requirements, different fire protection requirements and different operating environment requirements are well met in the structure of the current popular multi-storey workshop.


In recent years, foreign countries have done a lot of research work on the application of powder coatings for automobile coating, and great progress has been made in resin synthesis, powder manufacturing and coating technology, and outdoor anti-aging is being studied in resin synthesis. and fade-resistant new epoxy resins, as well as improved surface smoothness for composite coatings of acrylic and polyester resins.



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